Hunger Games: Great first reviews!

So as I was diligently surfing Yahoo, I came across this article which highlights some great early reviews of The Hunger Games! Check them out! 



The Hunger Games || Bits & Pieces

I've definitely been lagging behind on blog posts these past few months, but please don't lose hope on me just yet!

With less than 1 week until The Hunger Games hits local theaters, I can't help but feel the pre-movie jitters! I see Hunger Games posters and billboards plastered all over the city, and not to mention news, reviews, and reactions streaming all over the internet. I'm so jealous of all those who went to the world premiere at the Nokia Theater last week! I just came back from a robotics competition yesterday, and so of course many people brought books and such to pass the time. I couldn't help but notice that so many guys were reading paperback copies of The Hunger Games! Recently I've found that more of my guy friends have been getting into the trilogy as well (although, they don't fangirl quite about Peeta and/or Gale as much as the girls do).

So anyways, how many of you are going to the midnight premiere? I'm most likely going to be at the midnight showing at Del Amo mall in Torrance, California, so if you're a socal local, be sure to stop by and say hi :) I'll try to do some fan interviews before and after the movie, and post them up on my blog! Take pictures and send me some links :D I'd love to see everyone all decked out in their Hunger Games gear!

May the odds be in your favor,
Carina L. Tai