I went to the City of Fallen Angels Book Signing!

OMG! I just have to start out saying that Cassandra Clare has so much charisma and charm! She's absolutely hilarious and easy to talk to. So today, I dragged my dad along with me to the Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica, California (30 minutes away from my house) to purchase (another two) copies of City of Fallen Angels and to get them personally autographed. I have to tell you, one of the more upbeat book signings I've been to. Everybody, staff included, was genuinely friendly and helpful. Also, it was awesome meeting Holly Black in person as well! She's just as sweet as Cassandra, and the duo make awesome book tour buddies! So, now to the juicy stuff, there were a lot of fans asking questions and though I didn't get a chance to record the event, I have some bits and pieces I'd thought you like to know.

Keep in mind, both the questions and answers are paraphrased and detailed to the best of my memory.

1. Is the City of Bones movie going to be a mix of all the books, or just the first one?
- Only the first book.

2. What was inspiration for Magnus Bane and his sense of fashion?
- My friend John and I went out clubbing one night, and he was absolutely caked in glitter. I try to give Magnus a versatile sense of fashion and sometimes model his clothes after certain outrageous J-Pop members.

3. What inspired you to make Jace and Clary believe they were siblings?
- I saw a British show about a couple who wanted to have a baby. Naturally, they went to get their genes tested, and found out they were siblings who were separated and adopted by different families at birth. Sine their marriage was now illegal, they were forced to split and I found myself feeling very sympathetic. Every love needs an obstacle, which was why I found this concept fitting for Jace and Clary. I just gave them a happier ending.

4. How involved are you in the making of the movie?
- Usually authors aren't considered important figures when it comes to turning their books into movies. Fortunately, I've been kept very updated, and every few days I get pictures of hot blonde guys in my inbox from the casting director asking me if I think the guy in the picture looks right for Jace. I call it the Pretty Boy Parade.

5. What do you do when you get writer's block?
-Most people think that writer's block is a disease that needs to be cured. But usually, it's caused by small imperfect factors such as the setting, point of view, etc. When I get writer's block, I watch House, the T.V. show.

6. Are the characters in your story based on anybody you know in real life?
-Yes, some characters have names and character traits similar to people I know in real life, but they usually end up becoming somebody different entirely by the end of the book.

7. Do you read and/or watch Anime and Manga?
Not at first, but I had a roommate who was obsessed with it, so she introduced me to Trigun, Fruits Basket, Rurouni Kenshin, etc. A lot of fans have asked me if I've read Angel Sanctuary, and now I know why. I thought it'd be funny to mention it in the third book.

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