I can't believe that the trailer has finally been released! All of us fans have been waiting so patiently for this moment! I remember waiting for each book to come out, and the fact that actors/actresses are quoting lines directly from the book is just surreal! The trailer seems very faithful to the events of the actual book, which is definitely awesome. As for the acting...I feel as if it's missing something. Jennifer Lawrence is definitely gorgeous, but she still doesn't embody that distinctive hard-cut quality that Katniss has. I guess we'll find out on March 23rd, 2012!


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  2. This movie looks awesome. I am excited to see it.

    It even inspired me to create a list of upcoming YA Fantasy book based movies on my blog!

    The Hunger Games made my list!

  3. This is SUCH an amazing trailer!

    I agree I'm a little bit worried about if Jennifer Lawrence can bring the true tough and raw nature that Katniss needs. Especially in her interviews where she says that she couldn't play Katniss as being badass. Its true that Katniss wasn't badass in the "I'm gonna kill people" sense but she definitely had a badass attitude to her. I mean come on she started a revolution! She's just kind of naturally badass. I hope that JLaw can bring the tough fighting nature of Katniss alive because so far she seems a little disconnected. :/