Across the Universe || Cover Re-Creation

My Cover Re-Design
Original Cover

I made another cover for IceyBook's Cover Re-Creation contest! I had a lot of fun last time!! And now to explain my design- I tried to keep it as clean-cut and professional as possible :) I had the most trouble with the two hands. I couldn't figure out where to put them! Eventually, I just flipped the picture 180 degrees, and it looked as if the two hands were cradling the ship! Also, it somewhat represents the physical attraction between Eldest and Amy. <33 hope you like it!


  1. How are you so good at this?! I'm so jealous of your skills. :P

  2. That's amazing! Great! And pretty at the same time!

  3. That's quite clever. Good job!

  4. That is just gorgeous. I'm in awe!