Can you believe it?!? Hollywood's most anticipated role has been cast! It feels like only yesterday I was rooting for Kaya Scodelario (though, that didn't get far). And as the capital letters in the title hint, Academy Award nominated actress, Jennifer Lawrence has won the role. Personally, I'm not ecstatic about it, nor am I extremely disappointed. I just haven't seen enough of Lawrence's work to completely form an opinion about her. From her interviews during the Academy Awards though, she didn't seem to be as vibrant and powerful as Katniss was in the book. But then again, she's an actress, so I'm sure she can pull it off. The only thing that bugs me a little, is that she's a bit too old, and she doesn't strike me as "The Girl Who Was On Fire." What do you think?

Here's the official article from Mockingjay.net :

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 17, 2011- Lionsgate and the filmmakers of “The Hunger Games” are pleased to announce that Academy Award® nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence will assume the coveted role of Katniss Everdeen in the much anticipated film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games.”
The film will be directed by Gary Ross, and produced by Nina Jacobson’s Color Force. Collins’ best-selling novel, which has over 3 million copies in print in the United States alone, is the first in a trilogy of science fiction/action novels which have developed a global following. Lionsgate will release “The Hunger Games” on March 23, 2012.
Newcomer Lawrence’s meteoric ascent began in earnest with her breakout role in last year’s “Winter’s Bone,” and culminated in an Academy Award nomination. This summer, Lawrence will star in Matthew Vaughn’s “X Men: First Class” and in “The Beaver” directed by Jodie Foster. Later this year, she co-stars in the Sundance Grand Jury winner “Like Crazy”.
Author Suzanne Collins weighed in on the selection of Lawrence, “Jennifer’s just an incredible actress. So powerful, vulnerable, beautiful, unforgiving and brave. I never thought we’d find somebody this perfect for the role. And I can’t wait for everyone to see her play it.”
“I’m so excited work with Jen and see her bring this character to life. Katniss requires a young actress with strength, depth, complexity, tenderness, and power. There are very few people alive who can bring that to a role. Jen brings it in spades. She’s going to be an amazing Katniss.” said director Gary Ross.

Are you happy with this casting choice?
Are you still going to see the movie, even if it's cast badly?
Who are you hoping will play Peeta and Gale? 


  1. I was really hoping to see it go to an unknown as opposed to an Academy Award nominated actress, but I will wait and reserve judgment until I see how she is in the role. I really hope they make her look more Katniss-like though.

  2. I'm so on a The Hunger Games trilogy kick, about to finish the series this weekend!! I'm excited that there will be a movie. This girl doesn't look like how I pictured her but I didn't think she would anyway! By the way I love your page and I'm going to add it to my blog roll :)

    Lah @ Lazy Girl Reads

  3. See Winter's Bone - she is quite capable of being a powerhouse :) I was unsure about her, especially because of the whole sexbomb look she did at the Oscars, but after seeing that movie I think she can do it. As for the age thing, she's only 20 and Hollywood always casts older anyway, right?

    As for Peeta -- I am practically praying that the role goes to Hunter Parrish. He's so sweet-faced and apparently a big fan of the books.

  4. I'm not a fan of this casting. I think it's all wrong. However, since it's already chosen, I think Hunter Parrish would be perfect. And that leave Alex Pettyfer open for Jace :)

  5. I think she will pull of the role phenomenally as far as acting goes. However I do somewhat wish they went with a younger or more ethnic actress. Oh well. Still think she'll do a great job though and I can't wait to see the finished product. :)

  6. As long as they portray the roles accurately, I don't care who they go to.

  7. I haven't seen Jennifer Lawrence in anything (that i know of), but I did see a clip of her in WB and she seems to have the acting chops to handle it. If Suzanne Collins is happy, I'm happy. :)

    As far as Peeta goes... I just hope Alex P gets passed over because he's almost too big of a name now, I think (though he's a good actor). Are they not talking about the casting for Gale at all??? :(

  8. I saw a Hunger Games video on youtube tonight (a music video cover of "The Story") where the cast was Jennifer, Chloe Moretz as Prim, Hunter Parrish as Peeta, Jadagrace as Rue and J.D. Pardo as Gale. I looked her Gale online and saw that he's 30, but he looks younger...maybe it would work since he's supposed to look older than his age.

  9. WHen i first learned that Jennifer was playing Katniss, I didn't like the idea. But when she dyed her hair and was in her costume and prop for the magazine, Ithought, "This is Katniss." I saw her movie Winter's Bone and also thought that she fit the role.