Ten Books in Ten Sentences (Unleashing My Inner Fangirl)

Alright so, these past few weeks I've been reading just as much as I've been breathing air. Not even kidding. I'm either occupied with a book, or obsessing over someone's blog buying more books on bookdepository.com! The sad thing is, a vast majority of YA books aren't dystopian, so I'm also reading Fantasy, Chic-Lit, Sci-Fi, etc. So instead of dulling a full scale review on all these books that aren't dystopian, I've decided to encapsulate my thoughts of each book in one delicious fan girl sentence. Wish me luck!

 1. Hush, Hush- Becca Fitzpatrick
OMG Patch is SO damn sexy!

2. Crescendo- Becca Fitzpatrick
OMGOMG can Patch get any sexier?

3. Twenty Boy Summer- Sarah Ockler
Psh, they didn't even get to twenty boys.

4. Stay- Deb Caletti
And when you thought your stalker boyfriend was creepy...

5. Stolen- Lucy Christopher
I am currently canceling my vacation to Australia.

6. Lost Voices- Sarah Porter
Mermaids who used to be tormented girls...are very mean.

7. The Body Finder- Kimberly Derting
I wish I had a best guy friend who just so happens to be super hot.

8. Desires of the Dead- Kimberly Derting
I wish I had a best guy friend who is now my boyfriend who just so happens to be super hot.

9. The Lipstick Laws- Amy Holder
Gosh, Sophomore girls who stuff their bras with tissues are hilarious...

10. City of Glass- Cassandra Clare
Jace, honey, I know you're currently taken, but it's okay, I'm not exclusive; will you marry me?